Creating GIFs in Google Slides


You’ve seen them. Cute little videos, or a series of images, that are on a loop to repeat over and over. They’re all over social media.


There are lots of websites, like and, that allow you, or your students, to load images or video and quickly create a GIF.

But, do you really need to use a third party website or app to create a your own little cartoon?

Image result for taylor swift gif

Thanks, Taylor.

Using some of the advanced features in Google Slides will let you and your students create little animations that repeat over and over.

If you don’t think of each slide as a “slide,” but rather think of it as a frame in an animation, you can see how a series of slides (frames) could be put together to create a stop-motion type of animation.

I put together this quick video tutorial on exactly how to do it.

I see kids using this to create scenes from stories they are reading, illustrate a math problem or science process, or tell their own stories.

As a teacher, you could also create a looping slideshow (skip to the last half of the video) to display at Parent or Community Nights.

I’d love to see what you or your students come up with!

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