Connecting Teachers

Connecting Teachers

In my position this year, I have spent a LOT of time in buildings. Sitting down with teachers to plan lessons, brainstorm new ideas, and co-teaching lessons.

The biggeTrainer Video Slides.pngst thing I have noticed this year is that teachers so often work in “silos.” They focus on their classroom and their kiddos (nothing wrong with that), and do lots of work themselves that could probably easily be shared. Continue reading

let’s talk about COLOR

let’s talk about COLOR

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For my first real post on my site, it makes sense to start with something I love: color. 

I’ve presented on Design, both in process and design elements, at several conferences. As a business teacher, design was something I always considered, and taught my students. As I create instructional materials and digital content, I design with my audience in mind. Keep Reading!

Google Certified Trainer

I’m very excited.

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Yesterday, I was accepted as a Google Certified Trainer! It’s something I’ve been working towards for a while, but with having so many things going on, it’s taken me awhile to just get it done. The first week of March, I set my mind to it and just got all the application pieces together and got it submitted.
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