Google Cast for Education

Google Cast for Education

As the school year moves forward, I am spending more and more time out in classes, working with teachers and students. In many of the conversations and planning sessions, the same topics of feedback, student voice, and sharing work continue to come up. In these conversations, I always find myself offering Google Cast for Education as a tool for the teachers and students to use.

Google Cast for Education is one of my favorite tools, because it is super easy to use and can be used in a variety of ways! To start using Cast, you’ll need to install it from the Chrome Web Store. Students won’t need to install anything (awesome!).

Once installed, you simply open Cast from your Extensions toolbar, give it a name (that’s you!) and invite students to cast.

Here’s my one page printable for Google Cast for Education!

Here’s a quick video showing how Cast works:

A few things to note as you start using Cast:

  • Students can cast just their Tab (so they can browse to other tabs) or their entire Desktop
  • You can choose to have students Request (recommended) or Present without approval
  • You or the student can end the casting session at any time
  • Cast is not based on proximity – anyone who is invited can cast. So, remember to remove students/classes by using the Share button!

Five Ways to Use Cast for Education:

  1. Fast-Paced Presentations. When pitching an idea or giving Ignite Talks, students can cast their Tab, rather than take the time to share with the teacher and open the file.
  2. Let Students Drive. Students can cast their Desktop to share their findings or walk the class through a process.
  3. Real Time Feedback. Students can cast their work to the class to get authentic feedback on content and design.
  4. Untethered Teacher. Teachers can log onto Chromebooks and cast to their own desktop, allowing them to teach from anywhere in the room and adapt on the fly!
  5. Special Guests. Coaches, TOSAs, and other classroom visitors can cast their screens to the teacher desktop, eliminating the need to log on share materials.

I’d love to hear about how you are using Cast with your students and teachers! Share it on Twitter and tag @sadieclorinda!

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